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Children International 
brand strategy, visual identity refresh & messaging 

Category: Non-profit


Deliverables: Brand strategy, vision, mission, values, voice, messaging, visual identity updates, brand guidelines, employee training workshops




Defining and testing a new brand strategy and messaging platform for a global humanitarian organization

Children International had undergone a visual rebranding, but still had a ways to go in terms of aligning behind a singular strategy and messaging approach. The organization needed to crystallize its vision, mission and values, refresh the brand's visual identity, and develop brand messaging that would convert new supporters while improving relationships among existing supporters. 

We started by conducting in-depth interviews with key stakeholders throughout the organization, pinpointing the organization's core beliefs as well as its vision for the future. We used information from the interviews to develop a vision and mission for Children International, as well as a set of core values. Those learnings also informed the language we selected for the brand messages, which were also tested via market research with existing and prospective supporters. In addition, we refreshed the visual identity to reflect the organization's desire to take a more journalistic, "real-world" approach in its communications.


Based on our learnings and market research results, we prioritized the most impactful messages to include in acquisition and engagement communications for supporters, including lifecycle communications, social media channels, website content, e-newsletters and more. 


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