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Microsoft account
strategy & verbal identity


Category: Technology

Agency: Northbound


Deliverables: value proposition, positioning pillars, messaging, copy development, brand guidelines


Elevating value to drive engagement across the Microsoft ecosystem

By signing into Microsoft account, consumers can improve their online experience, and unlock multiple integrations and benefits across Microsoft products and services. But sign-in was lagging due to a lack of awareness. We partnered with the Microsoft account team to develop a value proposition and messaging framework to drive consumer engagement. The process required research, discovery, live workshops, copywriting, and testing, as well as the alignment of numerous internal stakeholders. 

We started our strategic process by evaluating existing market research and facilitating workshops with the extended Microsoft account team, including stakeholders from brand, marketing, UI/UX and creative. Our inclusive approach promoted alignment among diverse viewpoints, which helped define three directions for a successful value proposition. Next, we used qualitative research in the form of online focus groups to test each statement with existing Microsoft customers. The findings and insights from this study informed the development of a single value proposition and positioning pillars, which laid the groundwork for consumer messaging.

The resulting messaging framework included a hierarchy of versatile statements (broad communication themes, key messages and proof points) that can be used across audiences and channels to ensure consistent storytelling.


  • Developed value proposition, consumer messaging and copy to encourage user sign-in and engagement

  • Aligned the needs and perspectives of multiple internal stakeholders into a cohesive point of view

  • Consulted on multiple rounds of qualitative and quantitative testing, incorporating insights into final deliverables

  • Created data-backed brand guidelines for Microsoft account copywriters


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