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Alcon Vision 
strategy & identity 

Category: health care, medical devices

Agency: RGA


Deliverables: brand strategy, brand promise, verbal identity (voice and messaging), visual identity, brand guidelines



Creating a dynamic identity for a suite of surgical products

The challenge here was to drive revenue and build equity into a new suite of surgical ophthalmology products. By developing a sub-brand strategy and identity, we were able to highlight the unique benefits of Alcon Vision Suite while creating strong ties to Alcon, its parent brand. 

The strategy was driven by input from key stakeholders as well as insights from market research. It positions Alcon Vision Suite as the most complete, comprehensive, cloud-based solution available to ophthalmology practices today, including everything eye care professionals need to grow and optimize their practices.


Using Alcon Vision Suite's strategy and core values as a foundation, we then developed a differentiated verbal identity including voice attributes, brand and supporting messages and writing tactics—all of which ensures agency partners and internal communicators keep copy on topic and on voice. 


The visual system was inspired by a value that is central to how Alcon Vision Suite operates: putting customers at the heart of what they do. Customers are shown at the center of the ecosystem with a suite of products, services and digital solutions orbiting around them, referencing the comprehensive and interconnected network offered by this suite of products.


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