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feed the children logo rebrand

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Feed the Children
brand strategy + creative


Category: Non-profit


Deliverables: Brand refresh, including: vision, mission, voice, messaging and visual identity


Saving the reputation of a leading nonprofit by refocusing audiences on its core vision and mission

After undergoing multiple public scandals related to misuse of funds by executives, among other things, Feed the Children came to Siegel + Gale for help with re-establishing a positive brand image for the organization.


We started with a series of discovery workshops, designed to better understand the current state of the brand as well as current audience perception. What we found was the wrongdoings of a few had blemished an entire organization that was still doing a great deal of good in the world for children and families in poverty. That said, we needed to help bring all of that good to the forefront, so audiences would once again see Feed the Children in a positive light.


After minor revamping the vision and mission, brand voice and messages, we also addressed the logo and color palette to create a warm, childlike look and feel. The  refresh was intentional and significant enough to create a great deal of visual and verbal distinction from the former brand, while maintaining the organization's easily recognizable name.



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