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Mojo Cycling
advertising + interactive

Category: Health & Wellness, Fitness


Deliverables: brand voice, messages, website copy & design, photoshoot




Defining the right brand voice and messages for local cult-following cycling studio 


MOJO Cycling, a Kansas City-based spin studio, wanted to update its website but do it in a way that reflected its fun, upbeat culture. The brand work that had been done previously with the company had only addressed logo development and naming, so we were essentially starting from scratch.

After a series of discovery workshops with the owner and employees, we arrived at a few guiding principles to help us move the MOJO brand forward. MOJO is: stylish yet approachable, focused on health and wellness in every way, motivated by music, and deeply committed to its community.


Using these principles to guide the development of brand voice, messages, as well as overall look and feel, we created a site that is vibrant, energetic and inspiring for the studio's community.

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