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Tortilla Ranch
brand strategy, visual & verbal identity, interactive

Category: Food & beverage


Deliverables: market + demographic research, competitive audit, brand strategy and identity design, brand guidelines, photoshoot, website, menus & uniforms




Creating a family-friendly brand for a fast-casual Mexican restaurant with Midwestern roots


Tortilla Ranch wanted to increase sales in its KC-based eatery. To do so, the restaurant first needed to identify the right target audience for its concept, then build a brand promise and in-store experience that would attract them -- and keep them coming back for more. 


We started from the ground up, first conducting a series of discovery workshops with the client. Fast-casual Mexican is a competitive niche, and we wanted to understand what made this taco shop different from all the other ones. What we found was this: the company was passionate not only about eating well, but also about being well. The restaurant's focus on clean, healthy Mexican food that would be nourishing to entire families quickly came to the forefront.


We used our findings to inform the creation of a brand identity, including a full visual system, brand story, voice and messaging guidelines, and experiential components. 

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